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Everything you need to know about Trail Hoppers

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Trail Hoppers is a French startup, founded in 2023, designing multifunction products for outdoor activities.

The core concept came from the realization that outdoor enthusiasts often have a huge and ever growing gear closet, with equipment for every situation, impossible to carry all at once. We aim to provide quality products that can fulfill multiple functions, while striving for lightness and compactness. User experience must also be the best possible: our main design approach is "form follows function".

Our first product is the Nomad Cape, a 4-in-1 hammock that easily transforms into a rain poncho, a picnic blanket, and a shelter. We received an ISPO Award 2023, and our Kickstarter campaign, launched on June 4, 2023, reached the funding goal in 24h.

The idea came during a round-the-world tour. Pierre had a rain poncho in his well-filled backpack, but couldn't stop picturing a hammock hung in the beautiful landscapes he visited. In South America, he finally decided to find and work with a seamstress and modify his poncho. The very first Nomad Cape was born.

You can download our Media file to get our official logo and photos.

Pierre Gaillard, Co-Founder

Pierre is a mecatronics engineer who studied at ISAE-Supaéro and École Polytechnique. He specializes in design and manufacturing of innovative products. He's also a keen backpacker and all-round sportsman.

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Thibaud Durivaux, Co-Founder

Thibaud is an aerospace engineer who studied at ISAE-Supaéro. His expertise mainly lies in applied mathematics and computer science. During the weekend, you will often find him in the mountains or in the air.

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